1. Lights

From the album Breathe A Storm

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How to find repose
These October days we’re
sitting in bars long after they’re closed
Nowhere to go
And sleep won’t take hold
So I’m sending you songs I wrote
And I have no focus, I’m gonna explode

Orphans in the cold
All day overload
How to stay composed
As this all unfolds

Don’t want to pile it on, don’t want to overload, overload
Same time can’t just be swept aside
I just can’t shake you even if I try but then why would I?
That’s like trying to stamp out the Northern Lights
You remind of me nobody, you and I live timelessly
In that timeless space we reside
And our embrace has these slabs of concrete in between
Blast them out one at a time

Orphans in the park
Orphans in the dark
Dark morning

Oh, incessantly calling me