1. Storm

From the album Breathe A Storm

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Status quo it will not, will not do
Obstacles be damned, let’s see this through
Walls oh walls tearing people apart
Turn those bricks to dust, to dust, depart

Comes a time, a time for a shuffle
Yes it’s time, it’s time
It’s no time, no time to be muffled
Never a time, never a minute, no

Small-scale wars are bigger than we think
Small-scale turns to large-scale as we blink

We can sigh ‘til we’ve lost all our muscle
‘Til we’ve breathed all the air we can blow
All these winds collecting in your torso
So breathe a storm, so breathe it, let it go

If just for a moment now
A moment with some pulse
A moment that will make the previous ones explose
And if you don’t let it simmer
Let it rise from the cold
Let is rise up to heights astronomical
Not to fade or plummet, no

Change comes
Change lifts
Change bends
Change rips
Change calls
Change takes
Change pulls
Change gives

Change pulls
Change gives